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I’ve been racking my lonely brain cell a bit recently as I have a lovely selection of regular customers now and I’m always wondering how I can let you all know that I’m grateful for every single order that you make.

I’m genuinely over the moon that you love my creations enough to buy them again and again.

I also want to attract more lovely customers too but being the creative rebel that I am, I’m a tad rubbish at all this hoop jumping we need to do on social media to stand out against the other kajillion businesses vying for your wonga.

There’s no doubt I love what I make, I even put that into my business name but do you realise just how many personalised gifts, handmade keyrings and keepsakes are out there??

So how the heck could I make you all feel the love I’m stamping you all with?

“Give us a freebie Emma!”

Okay so I can’t give you all freebies as a) I’d starve and b) my hubby wouldn’t let me live it down.

But I can come close (don’t tell him!)

How about you guys do the social media bit for me and I say thank you by giving you some (or all!) of your money back from your order?

Cheeky?  Me?

Well maybe, but I know for a fact that when I’m happy with a service, I love letting peeps I know about it to give the company the credit they deserve.

We all like to help…

So you and I could be a little tag team… (no – I didn’t intend the pun but if I can shamelessly shoehorn a shout out for my handmade keyrings in, I’m all over it!)

Do you have a blog? 

Are you on Instagram? 

If you’re happy to share your Stamped With Love make with your subscribers or followers, then I’m happy to say thank you with a refund for the cost of your order.

Obviously, there’s a few terms and conditions which apply – partly to keep the hubby’s palpitations and ‘told you so’s’ at bay, but I have faith in you all…

Here’s what I was thinking:

  • For 10% back – Post a picture of your make on Facebook
  • For another 10% back – Post a picture of your make on Instagram
  • For 30% back – Pin a picture of your make on Pinterest
  • For 50% back – Post a blog post about your purchase
  • For a Full Refund – Do EVERYTHING!

What Are The Rules Emma?

Here goes the part where I pretend to the hubster that I know what I’m doing (shhh… just play along)

  • For your Instagram and Facebook posts you will need a clear picture of your make and tag in @stampedwithloveuk and #stampedwithlove. You also need to include a little write up of your ordering experience and what you think of your item please.
  • The Pinterest pin will need to be a clear picture of your make plus a link to the product you purchased on the Stamped With Love website.   You’ll also need to re-pin the item to one of your boards from the Stamped With Love board here:
  • The blog post will need to contain both a link to the product that you purchased and a link to the Stamped With Love website. You’ll need to include a photo of the make that you bought and tell your subscribers a bit about your ordering experience, packaging and what you think of the item you bought. 

All sound good?

Are you one of the parents frantically scrabbling for thoughtful gift ideas for your best mate or maybe you have a little one starting school or changing classes and they’re a bit nervous about it?

This is the perfect way to sort that out, plus sharing it gives all your other frantic friends ideas too.

With a bit of luck, not only do you get a free make, but you also get invited round to more friends houses for wine because you saved their day – bonus! (Wine donations always gratefully received btw)

Okay so here’s a boring Terms & Conditions bit – let me just grab my own wine…

  1. Postage and Packaging costs will be deducted from the refund and the refund percentage will be based upon the balance. 
  2. Refund requests must be made in writing via the Stamped With Love Facebook page within 1 month of original purchase date. 
  3. All Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and blog posts must remain in place for at least 1 year. 
  4. Blog posts must be a minimum of 500 words. 
  5. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time and our decision is final as to whether you will receive a refund. 
  6. For multiple item orders, only 1 item will be refunded irrespective of whether you post/blog about all items
  7. The decision will be made based on meeting the rules above.

If you like the sound of this then drop me a message at including the link to your blog post and/or Instagram Account name and I’ll go all smug on the hubby at just how great you all are 😉

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